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December 9, 2015 gate

Differences Between Sliding Gates and Swing Gates

Once you are done with the major decision of choosing the right fence for your residential or commercial property, it’s now time to decide what type of gate to install, such as sliding gates and swing gates…
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December 1, 2015 black fencing

Why Is Powder Coating Better than a Regular Painting Job for Your Fence?

When it comes to paint, most people don’t even think twice about picking whatever is the cheapest or whatever suits their aesthetic fancy, often with very little heed over the quality and overall durability of the variety of paint they’ve chosen…
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November 18, 2015 metal fencing

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services in Victoria: For Your Fencing Needs

There are sheet metal fabrication services in Victoria, specialising in the fencing needs of residential, commercial and industrial properties – Auron Fencing, Melbourne…
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November 5, 2015 timber fencing

The Many Benefits of Timber Fencing

If you’re looking for a great fence material that guarantees you durability, low-maintenance, and superior aesthetic beauty, then you can’t go wrong with timber fencing. Fences are generally assumed to be either made from wrought iron, wooden pickets, or built of stone…
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October 22, 2015 automated

Automated Gates: A Part of Modern Fencing Ideal for Your Home

Opening and closing gates are a notorious hassle, especially in cases where one is in a hurry or is otherwise caught up in inclement weather. Not all homeowners have the luxury of having a butler, household staff or any children to help open and close their perimeter gates for them at all time, when they drive home…
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October 5, 2015 kids

Fencing Your Home Swimming Pool for Children's Safety

Fencing is one of the most elegant ways to add protection and curb appeal to your home or commercial property. Fencing is also used to corral off certain areas for safety reasons such as is the case for swimming pools. People today are increasingly opting for swimming pool fencing in Australia…
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September 22, 2015 lattice fence

Steel Lattice Fence for Your Home and Garden

Steel fencing is one of the most classical looks a homeowner can pull off for their home garden or yard. An offshoot of the now dated, but nevertheless still popular, cast-iron fences of the Victorian and Edwardian Eras, the steel lattice fence is a ‘modernised’ take on a true classic such as these…
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September 2, 2015 picket fence

Heritage or Modern Picket Fence: Which Should You Choose?

Most people associate a picket fence with old-fashioned country homes. While this may indeed be the norm for a lot of areas throughout much of the western world, especially in a large part of the European and American countryside where a heritage picket fence is not uncommon, there are now a growing number of regular houses in well-to-do suburbs that are flaunting the traditional aesthetics of a modern picket fence…
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August 18, 2015 welder

Determining High Quality Standards for Welding Services

Anyone who has previously installed tubular fencing knows that after selecting the material, it is all about how the fencing is installed, and ultimately how it is welded together. Often property owners talk about how low quality welding wears out after just a few years…
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August 7, 2015 property

Avoid Property Line Disputes with Proper Boundary Fencing

When it comes to protecting your property from possible intruders, or protruding neighbours who simply want more space that they don’t have any rights to, proper boundary fencing becomes an ideal solution…
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July 21, 2015 galvanised

The Advantages of Galvanised Steel Fencing

Fencing is an extremely important feature of any home, commercial business or industrial property, and while there are a number of different fencing types available today, one of the most popular fencing materials of late has been galvanised steel…
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July 15, 2015 fence

Lattice Fencing for Your Beautiful Garden

Who says you cannot have aesthetics, practicality and affordable fencing? Modern lattice fencing offers ultimate protection, durability and beautiful aesthetics. In truth, a lattice fence is the perfect choice for your garden area…
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June 18, 2015 gate

What are the Advantages of Installing Automated Gates for your Home?

An automated gate makes a lasting first impression on guests and people passing by, because it adds grandeur and style to your home. But this is not the only benefit you can have when you install an automated gate…
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June 3, 2015 colorbond fence

The Benefits and Advantages of Colorbond Fencing for your Home

Investing in your home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for yourself and your family, and keeping it safely surrounded by quality fencing will help you to protect that investment…
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May 20, 2015

Professional Tubular Fencing Sales and Services in Victoria: Why should you choose Auron Fencing?

Auron Fencing is just one of many Australian companies that specialize in fencing, but few companies have the capacity to fabricate their own fencing…
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May 12, 2015

Fencing your home: Top 3 Tips to consider in design and functionality

Does an open yard make you feel uneasy and vulnerable? Many people today feel this way. Or, maybe you are worried about both animal and human intruders waltzing into your garden…
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April 28, 2015

Steel fencing vs. Aluminum fencing

Steel and aluminum are durable and high quality materials for fencing. When compared to any other fencing materials these are superior; although, choosing between them can be difficult…
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April 7, 2015

How flexible is an automated gate?

It's worth checking out new automated gate systems for technological developments. There's a stack of fascinating options for safety-conscious consumers to scrutinize, systems that focus on personalized security…
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March 23, 2015

How Tall Should a Picket Fence Be?

A hand-crafted picket fence radiates charm, adding timeless ambiance to your property border. Tilt your head to one side and you see a traditional fence style that connects to old world values…
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March 10, 2015

The difference between painting and powder coating

A high-quality fence is a two-way barrier. It stops your little ones from straying onto the street. It marks the outlines of your garden, augmenting your privacy and enhancing security while preventing rude strangers from taking shortcuts across your lawn…
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February 20, 2015

Latice Fencing for Privacy

The advantages of mounting a lattice fence on the boundaries of your property buoy each other with contrasting reasons. You can see the inherent logic in the design, contemplate how the open-air patterns target smart screening…
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February 11, 2015

Feeding Security Lighting to Your Fencing

The primary approach taken when equipping fencing with lighting is to increase property security, to guard your investment by banishing darkness and eye-defeating shade…
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January 30, 2015

Adding flavour to your fence design with toppers

The fence is an integral part of the outside surroundings of any home. It offers many benefits to homeowners, such as providing a sense of privacy and ensures that prying eyes stay out…
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January 28, 2015

Is the old picket fence still relevant?

An old picket fence that is cracking, rusty or peeling is a lot more than something that really needs fixed. Not only will an old fence drastically depreciate the value of your home but it will lower the overall aesthetic s and marketability…
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